Nosiola wine – from Pravis, L’ora 2011

Grape: Nosiola (NE Italy)
Nose: floral and tropical
Palate: nutty, creamy, floral, tropical
Warning: This blog invites you to participate by tasting a specific wine togehter with a specific salad. In order to get the full experience you will need to get hold of a bottle of L’ora 2011, Pravis, a bunch of celery, 100 gr of salmon, 100 gr of cashew nuts, a lemon, 15 ml of excellent olive oil extra vergine, s/p, a fridge (to cool the wine) and a stove+pan to first toast the cashew nuts and then grill the salmon. 5 ml of olive oil for each preparation & a remaining 5 ml of olive oil to top the salad, together with a squeese of lemon.
L’ora 2011, Pravis, salmon, celery and cashew nuts
Very interesting tasting this pleasant-not to heavy yet amazingly creamy- nosiola variety stored on Hungarian acacia wood barrels. A fresh salad of raw celery, grilled salmon and toasted cashew nuts, topped with a squeese of fresh pressed lemon. A bite of it all together followed by an expectant sip of the golden drops of L’ora 2011 from Pravis and Im in Heaven. So simple. So real. So banal. So Summer! On the 1st of October – I know, but I almost lost the season, it’s still 15° in Copenhagen and Im getting ready for one of my next wine tastings + seminars whereat Pravis’ L’Ora will be on the list of wines to taste. If you get a hold of this bottle at home and prepare the above mentioned salad, follow these steps one by one and have some fun:

  • Make sure your palate is ready for wine (no having-just-brushed-your-teeth-scenarios. Water, lots of water)
  • Cool the wine (appr. 6-8°)
  • Make the salad
  • Do the ‘wine-thing’ (nose before aerating the wine, check for intruders (sediments), & expected color)

OBS: Do not read along before you’ve completed these first four steps!
OBS: Are you ready?
Let’s go then

  • Taste it. Feel it on your tounge. On the middle, the sides, the back, the front, on the teeth, on the gums  – what do you sense? Register by writing down
  • Now taste a good bite of the celery leaving your mouth full of celery flavour
  • Taste the wine. Register what you sense. Write it down
  • Clean with water (forget the bread, it’s full of gluten anyway)
  • Taste the grilled salmon. Then the wine. Register what you sense. Write it down
  • Clean with water (remember the bread thing)
  • Taste the toasted cashew nuts. Taste the wine. Register what you sense
  • – do you feel it (remember to write it down)?
  • hmmm… I wish I could see you right now
  • Anyway, carefully clean with water
  • Organize a good bite on your fork with celery, salmon and cashew nuts. Eat. Not to fast. NOT to slow either.
  • Now taste the wine.
  • Write it down, or –
  • …do you just wanna do nothing else right now but sensing what this match gives you?
  • Let me or somebody else in on your thoughts. What are you having? ‘Explosion’? Light dribbling thunder? Does it match up? Is it marriage to you as well?

I hope you had fun :-* And remember, wine learning becomes by discussing and comparing notes, experiences and opinions
Ps. You might wanna know what I mean by odouring the wine before aerating and what it is that you feel on the middle, the sides, the back and the front of your tounge, on the teeth and on the gums. What it means, how it is described and likewise. That knowledge is part of the learning on some of the wine seminars I give.

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